16 Total Product
G.F Banana Chocolate Muffin (pack of 4)
VND 160,000
G.F Cinnamon Rolls (pack of 8)
VND 280,000
G.F Chocolate Muffin (pack of 4)
VND 160,000

You would never belive these chocolate muffins are gluten free, dairy free and nuts free, but they are! Go on, give them a try..

Ingredient: dark chocolate, cocoa powder, gluten flour mix (no nut flour), coconut flour, sugar, coconut oil, eggs, baking powder, xathan...

Flourless Yule Log Cake
VND 350,000

This G.F Yule Log is a tender chocolate sponge cake (flourless) filled with melted dark chocolate and whipped chocolate ganache. It's delicous, festive and made completely flourless.

Ingr: Dark chocolate (65% to 78% depend), eggs, whipping cream, brown sugar, salt, vanilla extract.

G.F Tiramisu Cake
VND 480,000

Tiramisu is an amazing traditional Italian dessert with rich cream and coffee flavour.

Ingr: Eggs, G.F flour mixed, sugar, vanilla extract, xathan gum, whipping cream, mascapone, salt, pure coffee, cocoa powder. You can order special decoration if it is birthday cake or special...

G.F Brownie (100gr/bar)
VND 50,000

 Amazing dark chocolate brownie with almond nuts, cashew nuts.

Ingr: Dark Chocolate, cocoa powder, unsalt butter, cream cheese, egg, almond nut, cashew flour, coconut flour, brown rice flour,...


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